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Every person are playing multiple role even I am palying more than one...
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A Family Member

Being elder son is not just a responsibility but whole family expect a lot and being me I have to fulfill their requirement before they speak, It’s not easy but I use to manage because ITS MY FAMILY…

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Project Manager

Well its Challenging task to anlayse and write the codes and manage the team which are having different capability and different backgounds, Managing them to achieve the task provided that is wonderful work which I am doing daily.

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Quick Learner

Well if I am knowing something than I would love to share among every my peers because I learn in my own words and in my own way and I like to share that simple ways to others so that complex problems will be easy to them.

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Mentor & Inventor

I am always looking forward to guid people not only in my known areas but I just love to explore new world which is beyond anyone’s imagination and in order to do that I keep updating my self.

Pashupatinath Mishra
Everything thing written here is my LIFE.

Might be being a developer, Data representation is not my part of duty but words can not represents me as I am real identity. Only the thing which can represent me is your experience with me and my work done for you.

Just judge me not from the words that I have spoke or written but what you experienced with me. Also from my work and the experience you or me gained.


Quick Learner, Creative, Tactful, Versatile, Flexible, Friendly, Diligent

  • More than 100 projects and plugin on wordpress and 40+ Web / Desktop App in .Net

  • Willing to learn the new technologies and communicate with cusomers with high end communication skills

  • Born to lead the world and a leading team player who never quites without win win situation.

  • Managing the project since last 2 years

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