what are health benefits of cow’s milk?

health benefits of cow’s milk

Milk is one in all the most effective sources of calcium for the body. Milk is having booster dose of vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium. Proper calcium intake makes strong and healthy bones. Drinking milk provides other benefits like healthy teeth, rehydration and improves vitamin intake.

Milk plays a vital role in providing children with nutrition required for their proper growth and development. Milk contains 9 essential nutrients that the majority kids do not get enough of, which includes calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, niacin and riboflavin. Drinking milk daily will make your bones, brain and even your immune system stronger. Kids who drink milk are healthier than children who do not drink milk. Milk additionally helps all ages maintain a healthy weight. At one year of age, most youngsters (and parents) should build their way to non-fat milk. fatless milk has the exact same calcium and nutrients as reduced fat , low fat and even fat free milk, however with every percent there’s just extra fat that even thin kids don’t want. For older kids who don’t prefer to drink milk, make drinking milk fun. Use crazy straws, combine in flavours (flavoured milk has same vital nutrients as plain milk), teach nutrition and show your children that you drink milk too!

Cow milk benefits :

  • Dairy animals like cow, milk is sweet in taste , overwhelming to process and has coolant impact on the body.
  • Cow milk also enhances resistance and immunity of the body.
  • Cow milk will sustain the body tissues.
  • Cow milk acts as natural aphrodisiac.
  • Cow milk makes us strong and intelligence.
  • Feeding mother who drink cow milk will get some special benefits, This will increases the production of breast milk.
  • Cow milk accommodate easy constriction and relaxation of intestines.
  • Cow milk relieves tiredness, hunger, excessive thirst and dizziness.
  • Cow milk is valuable in diseases like serious debility, soothing phase of fever, urinary system diseases , bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, menstrual bleeding etc,
  • Cow milk is great for newborn  – Cow milk is the one of the next best thing to breast milk for the newborn.

Cow Milk Nutrition

Cow milk is consist of many nutrients that help in our growth and full fill the requirement of our body.

Conjugated linoleic acid

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is one kind of fat, Which is associated with a wide variety of health benefits, that includes immune system and inflammatory system support, improved blood sugar regulation, improved bone mass, reduced fat, lower risk of heart attack, and maintenance of lean body mass.
Recent studies shows that, you’ll get at least 75 milligrams of CLA from an 250ml of grass-fed cow’s milk. In few cases, you may get double to triple than this amount. The amount of CLA present in cow’s milk will get increased as the cows  consume fresh grasses in good amount, and when cows have had ample access to fresh grazing land, you will get increased amounts of CLA.

Omega-3 fatty acid

100% grass-fed cow’s milk will improve intake of omega-3 fat, this is one more health benefit of cow’s milk. The omega-3 fat content in cow’s milk can vary due to the wide variety of fodder crops that can be planted in grazing land. Research shows that 50-65 milligrams of omega-3s (as alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA) found in 250ml of cow’s milk. Some time same amount of cow’s milk can provide upto 125-145 milligrams of omega-3s fats.
The amounts of ALA are not large, but they’re going to be helpful to many individuals who are deficient in omega-3s or pure vegetarian. The relatively ratio between omega-6s to omega-3s in in cow’s milk typically falls between 2:1 and 3:1, This can be often fall into the range of 8:1 or higher. Since omega-6 metabolism can interfere with omega-3 metabolism, Reduced amounts of omega-6s in cow’s milk may help to improve the metabolism of omega-3s in our body.


The overall fat composition of milk is about 8 grams of total fat in 250ml of grass feeded cow’s milk. About 25% or 2 grams  are in the form of monounsaturated fat as oleic acid or commonly know as Omega-9. This omega-9 fatty acid is found in olive oil, this will lead to reduction in high blood pressure as well as reduction in high cholesterol levels in blood.
About  56% or 4.5 grams come from Saturated Fat – a type of fat that we often relate with unwanted health consequences or health damaging fat. However, the type of saturated fat in 100% grass-fed cow’s milk does not come under the “unwanted” fat category. Approximately 6-7% of saturated fat is “short-chain” saturated fat and it can act as a “probiotic” which supports the growth of health of friendly bacteria in the intestine.
Almost half of the saturated fat is medium chain type saturated fat, the same kind of that is present in coconut oil. Saturated fat with medium chain is quite easy to digest and metabolize in our body, it’s been associated with improvement of immune system. Within the 4.5 grams of saturated fat in 250ml of grass-fed cow’s milk, only 25-30% come from palmitic acid—a long chain fat that’s been associated with heart disease risk than other saturated fats. When taken as a whole, the fat composition of  grass-fed whole cow’s milk is much more balanced in terms of health risks and benefits than many people assume.

Nutrient Amount DRI/DV (%) Nutrient Density
Vitamin B12 0.55 mcg 23 5.5
Iodine 28.06 mcg 19 4.5
Vitamin B2 0.21 mg 16 3.9
Vitamin D 62.22 IU 16 3.8
Phosphorus 102.48 mg 15 3.5
Calcium 137.86 mg 14 3.3
Pantothenic acid 0.46 mg 9 2.2
Selenium 4.51 mcg 8 2.0
Biotin 2.32 mcg 8 1.9
Protein 3.84 g 8 1.9
Vitamin A 56.12 mcg RAE 6 1.5

Cow’s milk impact on health

#1. Glowing Skin

Ptolemaic Egypt Queen Cleopatra use to take milk baths to keep her skin soft, supple and glowing. you’ll be able to do the similar but taking bath bit uncomfortable this days, So you can drink a couple of glasses of milk every day to take its advantages. Milk has many nutrients that help skin look its best. It has lactic acid which may act as an exfoliant and enzymes to help sleek skin. Additionally, it has amino acids that help keep skin moisturised. Milk is having antioxidants, which can prevent damage from environmental toxins. However, if you have a sensitivity to milk or dairy products, milk can really irritate your skin.

#2. Less Stress

Milk may be a good way to de-stress at the end of the day. A glass of lukewarm milk can facilitate to soothe frayed nerves and relax tense muscles. Milk has additionally been proved to reduce symptoms of PMS and boost energy. the next time you’re feeling frazzled, try drinking a glass of milk whereas you soak in a bath.

#3. Healthy Body

Milk has a special characteristic that lower high blood pressure and risk of strokes. It reduces the liver’s production of cholesterol, and it will act as an antacid. Vitamins A and B in can facilitate build smart vision. Milk has also been show to assist lower risk of particular cancers.

#4. Healthy Bones and Teeth

Milk could be a nice supply of calcium, that is important for healthy bones. Not only do young kids need it whereas their bones are growing, however adults need it to keep their bones strong and to stop osteoporosis. Milk is additionally great for strong teeth, and it helps stop tooth decay and cavities. so as for the calcium to be absorbed by the body, vitamin D must be present. If you have got a vitamin D deficiency, purchase milk that’s fortified with additional vitamin D to make sure that your body absorbs the calcium.

#5. Muscles

Milk contains protein, that helps to build muscles. Drink a glass of milk once you exercise to offer your body what it must recover. it’ll facilitate to keep soreness trapped while replenishing fluids that you just lost throughout your exercise.

#6. Weight Loss

A research show that ladies who drink low-fat or skimmed milk losses extra gained weight than people who exclude milk from their regular diet. It’s a good appetizer and it makes a healthy snack. Just take a glass of milk to your dinner, or drink a glass while feeding a piece of fruit.

There are many types of milk on the market, like whole, 2%, fat free and low fat. If you’re involved concerning the growth hormones employed in milk, opt to go the organic route. With all of the categories of milk available, you must be ready to find something that fits your diet and nutritional desires.

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