Internet of things and agriculture

The cutting edge of technology is enhancing life of each individual and making things working with ease. All types of activity, task and work of agriculture is full of the technological advancement. So, peasant need not to work hard.  Mechanical advancement had already modified each refined concept of farming. It’s currently electronics and computing, that is going scale back the strain of farmers. Internet of Things are a part of electronics and software programming that’s taking the farming to next level.

The Internet of things or IoT is none aside from the network of synchronous physical devices installed on different machines or place and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity that enables these things to connect, collect and exchange information. Using different kind of machine which communicate with one another will reduce the efforts of farmer. There are many systems to monitor things like silo, tank, electrical fence, water flow, moisture, pH. This systems will provide the live results to the farmer and even they will take the counter actions.

How IoT is going to change the Farming Techniques

Farming was never simple task but it’s crucial part of everyone’s life as nobody could survive without having food. Farming life cycle includes Crop selection, Land Preparation, Seed selection, Seed Sowing, Irrigation, Crop Growth, Fertilising, Harvesting. Thus nobody will imagine how much uphill task farming is!

What are the modification attainable in changing this explicit process? Here is that the answer to our question! There are several tasks which might be reduced using easy device fabricated from Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi. An IoT Devices can be assembled with sensors to urge desired result which than uploaded to main computers or Cloud.

  • Irrigation System

    In Future Irrigation system would be monitor automatically using different sensors. Array of multiple Soil moisture sensor can send information to the main receiver. So system will check for the optimum value (that is set by the owner or administrator). If value isn’t up to optimum point, it’ll open relative hose sensor of irrigation system to increase the moistness. Spray of water will start itself. No human intervention are needed for an equivalent.This method would be terribly fast and work in very efficient manner.

  • Fertiliser Automation System

    In future rather like irrigation system, fertilisers are sprayed automatically. Soil fertility sensor unfold round the field can collect the information and can be able to take counter call (such as spraying ammonia, Urea, NPK liquid fertilisers or sending the report back to the farmer on some interval) if it isn’t till it’s limitation or pre set values. However there are some scenario like in organic farming this part can provide reports only to the peasant and if need farmer will user their machine-controlled vehicle to feature compost or organic fertiliser to the farm.

  • Cattle Feeding

    Growing cattle is it self a herculean task as they need immense care and future of the cattle and livestock would be additionally advances. as there would be machine-driven fodder give that works automatically on specific predefined time and additionally water tank management system which is able to unleash pure water to drink to the cattle like cow, buffalo, goat, pig etc.

  • Seedbed preparation

    Seedbed preparation is finished before the sowing the seeds within the ground. throughout this method soil is made rich in moistness and essential macro and micro nutrition this will increase it’s fecundity and lead to additional yields to farmer. Future seedbed preparation are going to be totally machine-driven you simply ought to choose the end product and machine with AI (Artificial Intelligence ) can check for any past expertise and take according actions.

  • Precision Seeding

    Seeding is that the methodology that involves scattering the seeds within the field which will be done by manually or mechanically. future of seeding would be machine-driven as the tractor or automated machine can plant them with exactitude so the yield of the end product are magnified.

  • Disease Management

    Future agriculture disease are going to be changed using drones {which can|which can|which is able to} having advanced computer vision enabled camera which is able to send the information to main frame and AI therein machine will check for any previous match and take the attainable protecting measure or inform farmer to take counter-actions.

  • Yield Monitoring

    As the whole many systems are interconnected and hence forecast of yield are often exactly measured. this will not only ensure that farmer get a lot of yield and prosper but also give highly nutrition to the food client.

  • Weather monitoring

    Weather monitoring had already in it’s advances stage as meteorologic department are able to forecast weather! you may additionally able to install the tiny device or weather station in your farm to urge real time information using it’s sensors such as Anemometer sensor, Temperature sensor, Pressure sensor, humidness detector, pollution sensor, rain gauge sensor. this will offer complete real time data which can be accessed from any wherever.

  • Greenhouse Monitoring

    Greenhouses are controlled area atmosphere to grow plants. so as to attain maximum plant growth, the continuous observation and controlling of environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, soil wetness, light intensity, soil pH etc. are necessary for a greenhouse system. The sensor will do all this work which we have already listed above.

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