Mumbai to Delhi in 12 hours not a dream!

Fastest Train in India

Indian railway is going to introduce one more fast train after the Gatiman Express. Now Gatiman Express will no longer the fastest train in India. For Gatiman Express, few changes are made on the track. but for this new train which is developed by the talgo. This Spain’s Talgo Series-9 train S-130 is arriving on the 21st April on the mumbai docks.

Spanish train maker Talgo is well known to the world for its light and fast trains. Talgo shows interest to demonstrate their new Series-9 train to India bearing the cost of shipping by their own on July 2015.

A recent study performed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), estimated the cost of upgrading the Delhi – Mumbai corridor track for 200kmph could reach approx Rs 600bn (approx $US 11.3bn), but Talgo is calming that this speed can be achieved without performing any additional cost of track and signalling improvements. So, this train will be able to run on the traditional track of India, No modification in track is required to run this train.

According to media reports, “Talgo trains are best known for their unconventional ‘articulated’ passenger cars mounted on Talgo’s patented Jacob’s bogies.”

The train, is already on the way from Spain. it will be reaching to the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) port, Mumbai on April 21. Once arrived it will get assembled in the Izzatnagar Rail Depot. After the assembly, the train will be brought to Delhi for pre-trials on the Delhi-Palwal section.

Trial of India’s Fastest Train

Talgo will conduct the three-month trial entirely at its own cost, even though there is no immediate prospect of an order.

  • 1st Trial run will be carried out on the 88km line from Palwal to Mathura at the speed of 0-80kmph. This trail will be commence by the end of May,2015.
  • After this the 2nd trial will be between 97km line from Bareli to Moradabad line at the speed of 80-100kmph.
  • The third and final trial run will be carried out on the 1384km line from Delhi to Mumbai at the top speed of 200kmph. Indian Railway officials says that trial at up to 200kmph will take place on the Delhi – Mumbai line, once the delivery of a second batch of 30 coaches will be received, Most probably in mid-May.

Indian railway is working on High speed corridor, and named the project as diamond quadrilateral corridor. For this Indian railway has choose 3 country for feasibility study of the Bullet train in India which are Japan,China and Spain. Indian Railway is making the special route which are Delhi – Mumbai, Delhi – Kolkata and Mumbai – Chennai.

New Talgo trains clams that they could reduce the travel time of 1384km from Delhi to Mumbai from 16 hours to 12 hours. Right

After a meeting with Indian railways minister Mr Suresh Prabhu, in last May, Talgo CEO Mr Jose Maria Oriol told journalists in Delhi that the company is also willing to establish a manufacturing facility in India if wins a contract to supply trains to Indian Railway.

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