Does pakistan have that much guts to attack on India?

attack on India

Every leader around the world and every Indian are thinking that does Pakistan have that much guts to attack on India? Well theoretically they can but hypothetical answer would be no.

After the loosing 18 soldiers (10 Dogra and 6 Bihar regiments) at Uri , Baramulla district, Jammu and Kashmir almost every Indians are angry and want to take revenge this time.  Every Indian wants some strict action against such Coward and psychopath country who is promoting such terrorism in India. Even government of India is also want to teach a lesson to Pakistan so next time they think twice before even thinking.

Several high level meeting took place to take counter measures and also seen other option like surgical Strike, break the Sindhu deal 1960 etc. Meanwhile irritated Pakistan’s defense minister says “we will use atomic weapon.” Now the question is that will they dare to do that?

Because if this will happen than Pakistan will be divided again in three parts Pakistan , Baloochistan, Sindhustan. India may loose few peoples but Pakistan will be converted in to graveyard.

What if Pakistan attack on India?

What if Pakistan has decided to attack on India with nuclear weapon and what would be India’s next step. there are few options that can be taken lets assume that,

  1. Lets assume they attack on our city like Delhi or Mumbai to give maximum damage, and they have launch the missile but it will take 10-15 minutes to reach the destination mean while India will activate the counter measures as india have more option like ballistic missile defense system, cruise missile defense system. If they fails India will loose million people lives but at the next Pakistan will not be on the map.
  2. Second option is that they will destroy the our all nuclear missile launch site and than attack us. in this case India has developed Second strike capability. India is now capable to attack from the submarine and ships and even fighter jets.
  3. Pakistan can not beat India in any conventional war.

Pakistan is only capable to attack India’s some territory by the first strike as the Shaheen has only 1500km range. Pakistan doesn’t have any aircraft carriers or nuclear submarines to launch a strong attack on India. So Pakistan must have to depend on their long range missiles, which are fairly inaccurate.

India’s response to the first strike would be unexpectedly brutal. Almost all of Pakistan is easily accessible to Indian bombers. This makes things asymmetric. India’s biggest population centers are away from the border in contrast. 

CONCLUSION : The entire conflict may lasts for atmost 6 hours with Pakistan becoming a desolate wasteland at the other end India will have more or less intact due to larger area/population ( in worst case scenario – if all of pakistani missiles are launched and they get through the defensive shield leading to loss of upto 700 million people).


Why Pakistan can’t attack on India?

A nuclear strike on India is not good for any country as this will affect each and every country in any manner. United States as a major weapons supplier to Pakistan has a fairly tight control on the data and it is very hard to evade CIA, RAW and Mossad. If Pakistan has to attack on India than they have to assemble a large scale nuclear deployment. They can be able to hide one or two nuclear missile, but if Pakistan is trying move dozens of nuclear bombs than they would be caught red handed.

This atomic weapons can cause catastrophic ecological damage, partial world winter might happen, radioactive fallout, world weather pattern changes due to all the particulates launched into the air, decrease in sunlight and in air quality and worse. no country wish this happen to the whole world So this is not going to happen.

Other reasons:

  1. Both Pakistan and India will start conventional war. No party would use nuclear weapon immediately (India will not use as per no first use policy).
  2. There is already considerable international pressure made by other country on both the countries from the very beginning.
  3. If this hypothetical conventional all-out war continues for 20+ days, than Pakistani war machine and its economy would start destroyed.
  4. After 21 days of conventional war, Pakistan would start considering  nuclear missile as option.
  5. If Pakistan can withstand international pressure from all corners, the country would first use nuke after 25 days or so from the beginning of war.
  6. The first Pakistani strike would most probably be in Indian Punjab or Gujarat as they want to damage as much as they can.
  7. India would immediately make an attack in return for a similar attack. Indian target would be all the major city of Pakistan that will exclude Islamabad, as all the major cities of Pakistan are within the range of Indian medium range missiles.
  8. In all probability, Pakistan would tempt to nuke  Mumbai, as it is the commercial capital of India.
  9. After that, there would be no looking back for Pakistan.  It would surely return to STONE AGE.






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What happen if Pakistan attack on India?
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What happen if Pakistan attack on India?
What would be the out come of the nuclear war between India and pakistan that is described and the possibility are described here.

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