Top 5 places to visit to make your trip to Punjab complete

Punjab is known for its music and agriculture. One of the wealthiest states in India, Punjab and home to the Punjabis, it is likewise one of the fundamental pilgrimage site of the Sikhs. Here we are going to discusses the 5 places you need to visit to get the true Punjabi experience.

Home to bhangra music and the Sikh religion, Punjab has an unmistakable and extravagant charm to it. The delightful scene, rich history and praised religious regions are the most indispensable charms behind extending number of visits to this city. To encounter the true lifestyle and tradition of the Punjabis, here are the top five Places to Visit in Punjab.


Places to visit in Punjab

Chandigarh is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. It is the best city in Punjab with all the modern amenities. Chandigarh to Delhi flights are easily available from the city’s airport on a regular basis although it can also be easily approached by road or train. The delightful city where modernization has not crushed the trademark fortunes of the territory has a large group of greenery enclosures, zoos, parks, exhibition halls, slopes and timber trails. It is also the best planned city in India.



The late lofty state, Patiala has a bit of the best basic designing that mirrors the prominent past of the zone. It is a blend of Rajput, Punjabi and Mughal cultures and a portion of the best attractions of this city incorporate the temples, edifices, superb palaces and the different greenery enclosures and havens.



Ludhiana has its share of historical points of interest and religious interests. It is masterminded nearer to the banks of stream Sutlej. Regardless of the way that it doesn’t have the same number of locales and spots of interest, the modest bunch it has can’t be missed. The basic spots of Ludhiana are a couple posts, historical center, zoos and parks laid over the city.



Jalandhar, the region that boasts of a rich history is moreover celebrated for recreations items. This ancient part of the world which is indicated in the epic Mahabharata has without a doubt the most famous destinations of bona fide centrality and religious vitality. A few spots of interest incorporate a few sanctuaries, edifices, castle, greenery enclosures and asylum.



The second you hear the name ‘Amritsar’, the principal thing that rings a bell will most presumably be – The Golden Temple. This city likewise plays home to popular gardens, bird sanctuaries, and historical centers and so on. It is a standout amongst the most looked for after visitor destination in Punjab. Amritsar is also one place you need to visit to taste the best Punjabi food!

Starting with Chandigarh and ending it with Amritsar is the best way to go about your tour of Punjab. Start in its most modern city, visit its rural parts and come back to Amritsar and relax with the sight of the sunset falling on the Golden temple and enjoy a fulfilling dinner before heading off to get some rest for your journey back home the next day.




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Places to Visit in punjab
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Places to Visit in punjab
Places to Visit in Punjab which make the trip to Punjab complete and enjoyable. Punjab is known for its music and agriculture.
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