Reservation in India

Reservation in India

Reservation in India

Reservation in India was introduced by the government of India after independence of India with noble cause to provide the rights to the caste which were ignored in Pre Independence era. It was understood at that time, that the reservation should be finished after the 10 years or we need revise this decision. But the fools who run the government were using reservation as their voters bank and manipulated to impress them. Reservation was introduced in Education, scholarship, jobs and promotion. This benefit was provided to some race or caste, It doesn’t matter that they are poor or rich, they were just keep increasing the percentage and ignoring the people who really need as they were their traditional vote bank.

Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) and in some states Backward Classes among Muslims under a category called BC(M) gets the primary benefits of the reservation policies.

For this reservation in India, different commission were formed and they give their suggestion. Hunter Commission (1882), Kalelkar Commission(1953), Mandal Commission(1979), Sacchar Commission(2005) they submitted their report and according to that the government keep increasing the quota of the reservation. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s Judgment that “The reservation should not be more than 49.5% in any case”. Below is the table that represent the current reservation scheme as per the central government but some state like Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan has exceed the limit of 50%.

Category Reservation Percentage
Scheduled Castes (SC) 15%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) 7.5%
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 27%
Total constitutional reservation percentage 49.5%

Some Case Study I seen Around

While my life in school and college i have seen some incidents and the people who are needy not getting it and the richer are getting that benefits.

Reservation in Education

Suppose there are two students Amit and Sumit. Amit belongs to general category and he is belonging to poor family and Sumit belongs to some reserve category, whose father got government job as they were in reserved quota and earning well. Amit got 80% is intermediate exam and Sumit got 55%  as intermediate exam result. Amit will not be able to become a doctor Not even the engineer ,but Sumit will be choosing whatever he wants to be, he could became a doctor, he could became an engineer or anything he wants to be. In this case Sumit belongs to reserved category at his father is a earning well at the other site Amit family is poor but he is brilliant.

Reservation in scholarship

Let’s take take the same case in which Amit’s family is poor and Sumit’s family is earning well. Sumit will get admission in government college and he will get scholarship for whole education and the other expenses he is doing, at the other end Amit will not able to get any scholarship he will get admission in some private college as he belongs to the general category.

Reservation in jobs

let’s take the same scenario where Amit got good percent graduation say 80% and Sumit got average or below average. Sumit got the job in police station he became Police Sub Inspector, as he belongs to some reserve category and Amit didn’t got the job Amit pick wrong way and became criminal (Say Hacker). Amit is having sharp mind as Sumit is just average. do you think that Sumit will be able to arrest Amit? I think big NO !

Reservation in promotion

Amit and Sumit got job in same department. Amit is having good knowledge and Sumit is not having, But Sumit got promoted and became his superior though he is not having good knowledge and the communication skills though he is superior. Is this acceptable? Will you visit such doctor or hire such engineer to build your home? Surly you will not….

My View on Reservation

According to me the Reservation reduce the productivity of the person, who are reserved do not work hard as they will get all benefits and the people who are not reserved are loosing interest.  I think the reservation should be only in education and that should be only basis of the Economically Backward Class (EBC). I dont think the reservation should be in scholarships, Jobs or Promotion. If i am in-charge in any department that i will prefer Deserve than Reserve.

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