Savarkar’s a day : Behind bars of celular jail

“Hooligans ! Murderers ! Enemy of British Empire ! Rascals ! Listen to me carefully, I am your God, I own you and everyone of you are now my slaves! This is strongest and most secure prison in the world. You all are under 24 x 7 surveillance of the guards and if you even have thoughts to escape, Even in dreams then you will be shot dead and listen one more warning carefully…..”

Exactly 101 years ago (from year this is post is published), this eventuality was taking place at Cellular jail, a colonial prison at Port Blair, Andman Nicobar, India. Often known as the “Kala Pani”. The main city of the Andaman Nicobar islands.  Barbarous and atrocious jailer Mr. David Berry was giving warnings to the group of 950+  prisoners gathered at the assembly area of the jail. David Barry person with towering height, around 150Kg (300 lbs.) of weight, huge tummy, face was like ruthless demon, copperish skin, rogue eyes, khaki dress and roaring scary voice . He was holding baton in hand and holster with scary revolver was dangling on waist. Basically Irish and most brutal jailer of British empire! He continued “Listen to my second and last warning carefully, Some prisoners in this jail are new and let me tell them one more thing, In this jail’s history the most dangerous prisoner is Mr. Savarkar. No one should go near him, He will instigate you and keep himself safe as he is quite smart. So who ever break this rule, He will have to suffer… ”

It was said among the prisoners that when David Barry is sleeping he looks like more human ! But once he wakes up he is devil. British government had deliberately made him jailer due to his supreme ability and ruthless cruelty. He was having thousands of creative way to torture the prisoners and make them do what ever he want to.

Most of the prisoners in this jail were the revolutionaries of India. Some of them threw bombs on the Britishers, Some have assassinated Britisher by chasing them and shot them dead. One of the prisoner was Shree Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, pro-independence activist, reformist and by profession a trained lawyer, who born in the village of Bhagur, near the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. He was accused for involvement in the assassination of collector of Nashik (supplying arms and ammunition to the Bengali student revolutionaries) and inspired Mr. Madan Lal Dhingra to murder Lord Curzon Wyllie, Viceroy of India, He was convicted and sentenced to 50-year imprisonment (25 year for each) and transported on 4 July, 1911 to the infamous Cellular Jail with  convict no 32778. Although he was Lawyer and a patriot, he was fasten using heavy chains in neck and hands. Authority had informed jail that He is the biggest and dangerous enemy of the world spread British Empire. No jail can accommodate Mr. Savarkar. Any how you have to break him mentally and physically.

Many prisoners had committed suicide during imprisonment of “Kala Pani”. Three suicides a month had become the norm in Andaman and many of them were losing their mental balance. Some of them were very unfortunate and they died during the torture of the electric shock.

David Barry twice a day use to visit Mr. Savarkar’s cell and humiliate him using abusive language. Lion in the prison retort him appropriately. This was not the thing that he deserves, he born in the landlord family with high education and possess great traits. being a scholar, poet , writer and orator he doesn’t deserve to be in the dress of the prisoner.  Mr. Savarkar nevertheless struggled in the harsh environment, Forced to wake up at 5 am, tasks that includes cutting trees and chopping wood, and working at the oil mill under regimental strictness. Talking amid prisoners was strictly forbidden during mealtime. On several occasion he was brutally punished for offending jail rules. He was force to eat grub and gruel that was riddled with white threads of worms. Many time they have semi cooked dirty rice usually mixed with grass and soil and water like lentil curry.

Months were passed and on one sunny day in the evening one beautiful girl arrive to Port Blair via steam ship. To receive her jailer was personally there because she was his beloved daughter,  He welcomed her with smile and said “Welcome home my Sweety! My lovely dolly! My Jinny! My Princess! Love you my darling!” and warmly hugged her only daughter. He took her in his own vehicle which took them and headed to his bungalow. Mrs Barry was so much happy to see her daughter after so long. When Mr and Mrs Barry were living there it was very quiet place no one was there to make noise but after arrival of daughter’s this place is having more Hustle and bustle. On the same day, a welcome party was given and Mr. Barry had invited all the government officials for the dinner. Guests were happy with delicious food and exotic wine.

Mr. David Barry loudly announced, “Ladies and gentlemen! Today my lovely daughter has arrived my home, she is pursuing doctorate in Japan’s university since last four years, she is having vacation and hence she came here to spent here time with us. Let us toast for her studies and health! Cheers! ”.

On the very next day Mr. Barry wake up with hangover of the whisky and went to her daughter to discuss about her studies. He asked how is your Ph.D. is going on? She replied instantaneously, “Everything is not going as per my plan. The thesis subject that I chose is very complicated and there are no guide available there. My guide is bumpkin person. I don’t know what to do!”

He asked “what is your subject.” She replied “History of world with religion, war and law of different county.” Mr. Barry replied “let me think!  I know a person who can help you with this, He is genius. He is insurgent of British empire and my enemy too. But I have never seen any knowledgeable person like him who have great grip on all subjects.”

Instantaneously she asked “who is he? What is his name?” Mr. Barry replied “He is in jail, In my prison he is having life sentence. I have tortured him brutally so I can not ask him for the favor to help you but you may try. We will also come to know that what this culprit have in his mind.”

It was a evening time, Mr. Savarkar was cleaning his utensils in sink. And he listen sweet voice of a girl who was asking “Hello! Am I talking with Mr. Savarkar ?” Mr. Savarkar turn around. He was astonished by watching a sweet girl more like angel wearing floral printed frock. He replied “Yes, I am Savarkar. This area is even restricted for woman prisoners, how you came here? No one had stopped you?”.  “Who will dare to stop jailer’s daughter?”. She smiled and took her right hand to shake and said “I am Ms. Barry.”

Mr. Savarkar looked at his hand which were having coal ash! So instead of shaking hands he folded both hands and said “Namaste”. Both of them sit below tree on veranda. She told him her every problems and at the end asked him that “According to my daddy you are having more knowledge on this subject than any other person! Will you teach me Mr. Savarkar?”.

“Why Not! I am Chitpavan Brahmin and since thousands of years we are into the sharing the knowledge to the society and our offspring for prosperity and harmony. But may I ask one question Ms. Barry? According to your ruthless father I am the stupid person, fanatic, mislead, sanguinary and perilous offender. ”

She replied with captivating smile “I understood your question. Now, you listen my answer! My father is having obligation with his designation. He got order to break you mentally. Hence occasionally he use to abasing you. But you might be wonder what he use to say Mr. Savarkar is mixer of 20 different subject experts and if Ireland was having one nationalist like him than we will get independence from the British Empire.”

“Is this true? My extreme enemy is parsing me in his personal life.”

“Yes! Mr. Savarkar! Trust me, my mother had made confectionery and sent for you and this flowers are hand picked by my father for you. I have heard that in your country we have to come with something to meet Teacher. Will you accept this? Will you teach me? ”

Veer Savarkar forgot his all misery and pain which were given by Mr. Barry’s torture. He kept the flowers with him and distributed sweets among other prisoners. He kept his hand on girls head and said “I will teach you with a condition than you have to call me Uncle instead of Mr. Savarkar”.

“Accepted ! ” Ms. Barry smiled and said “You also have to call me my Sweety! My lovely dolly! My Jinny! My Princess!  Instead of Ms. Barry, Accord?”

After listening to this Mr. Savarkar’s eyes were fluttered. World’s most greatest and dangerous revolutionary was not having answer to the question of daughter!

Yet there are some people who still putting question on Mr. Savarkar’s potentials and his doings. Critics use to keep asking questions about his loyalty but fact is altered and hidden because some political party wanted cheap publicity.

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Savarkar’s a day : Behind bars of celular jail
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Savarkar’s a day : Behind bars of celular jail
One event that will show the how much knowledgeble Mr. Savarkar was. One moment that will keep everyone's heart. A article that will definitly change your perception of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

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