Sugar sweet poison

Sugar Sweet Poison

Sugar sweet poison
When any sweet’s name come in mind we start drooling, Its natural but do you know that having excessive amount of sugar can cause lots of health issue. Might be you are wondering that how sugar can be harmful to us. But yes it is harmful, it is one of the ingredient of the food that should be used less. It provoke the diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes type-2, Hyperactivity, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease and Tooth decay. lest see the types of sugar, How it get digested in our body and its effect on the our body. It is said that addiction of sugar is same as the addiction of the nicotine, morphine and cocaine and also it is harmful same as the intoxicants. Sugar Sweet Poison as sweet as the intoxicants.

Sugar Composition & How it is made.

Sugar that we are using might be in form of the Cristal or the powder. It consist sucrose, Lactose and fructose hence identified as the monosaccharides. Taste bud present on the tong identify it as sweet, that’s the reason why the like it and we get addicted to the sweet foods. This sugar are manually made from Sugarcane and Beetroot. This are found naturally in the fruits, Honey and the other resources.

Types of Sugar


Sugar is Sweet, Small polymer, Soluble carbohydrate. This is made of Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Simple sugar are called as the monosaccharides (C6H12O6) i.e. glucose , fructose and galactose , the other form is disaccharide (C12H24O12) that is sucrose , Maltose and lactose and the long chain are called as the polysaccharide that taste sweet but this are artificial sweeteners.

How Sugar is Made?


At the ancient time the sugar was not exist hence honey was used for the sweetening. People also use the juice extracted with water from raw sugarcane that was boiled and the raw sugar or jaggery was formed, that was used at the old ancient time in India. That was harmless as that was natural form of the sugar and also the monosaccharide which are easy to digest and trouble our health less. Now days refined sugar are used more offen, refined sugar are made from raw sugar that has undergone a refining process to remove the molasses. Raw sugar is in form of sucrose (a disaccharide) which were synthesized from sugar cane and the outcome of this process is white sugar.

Digestion of the Sugar

I will not go in the scientific way that how dose the sugar digest just sort n sweet. As we take the sugar as the intake the body identify it as the carbohydrate and brain release the command to generate the insulin and that insulin convert that sugar in the simple form and that got stored in our body. and see in the diagram that how people get the addiction to the sweet foods and invite the trouble to their life.


Effect of sugar on health

The impact of the high sugar intake are very dangerous that can cause several disease, few of them are Addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, Blood glucose levels, Cardiovascular disease ,Hyperactivity, Obesity, Diabetes.

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