How to Treat Anemia and Iron Deficiency with food


Anemia which is commonly known as a lack of blood, and defined as a decrease amount of red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin in the blood. Main reason of  Anemia is iron deficiency in the body, due to less iron intake the amount of the red blood cell level decrease, this red blood cell are responsible for supplies of oxygen to each and every cell of the body. let’s see how to treat anemia and iron deficiency with food? before that we will see what is anemia and what are reason?

Reasons of Anemia

Anemia can be due to improper nutrition or the imbalanced diet, this can happen due to some other disease too. Anemia can be born or the hereditary disease.

The reason of Anemia can be due to blood loss, reduced red blood cell production or high amount of red blood cell breakdown.

Blood Loss : this can be happen due to the injury or the internal bleeding this end with the low amount of the blood in the body and body need to produce more Red blood cell to recover.

Reduced red blood cell production : Red blood cell production can be decreased due to the lack of vitamin B12 or iron deficiency or the disease like thalassemia , Bone marrow problems. few are treatable but few are not having any alternative other than blood transfusion.

High amount of red blood cell breakdown :  This can be happen due to the disease like Malaria, Sickle Cell Anemia or immunity related disease

Ideal hemoglobin lever in Adult Male should be between 130 to 140 g/L (13 to 14 g/dL), And in adult female it must be between 120 to 130 g/L (12 to 13 g/dL).

Anemia Symptoms

Few symptoms of the Anemia are weakness, feeling tired, shortness of breath,  loss of consciousness, or increased thirst hair fall or a poor ability to exercise.

How to treat anemia and iron deficiency with food?

There are many ways to cure anemia like taking iron supplement or pills. Using the natural way you can have iron rich food source. there are many alternative, but i would suggest to consult doctor for the medicine, what i can do is i can suggest the Vegan Source that increase the iron in body,

  • Soak 5 Almonds in water at night and take it in morning, this will increase the amount of the iron in body.
  • Drink daily two table spoon juice of the coriander and basil leaf.
  • Green leafy vegetable like spinach and Fresh Fenugreek are having good amount of iron and this can rapidly increase the amount of the iron in the body.
  • Take 2 spoon of sesame seeds and soak for an hour, after one hour filter it and drink the remaining water for consecutive 15 days and this will result as the increase amount of iron / hemoglobin in body.
  • Vitamin C food sources (like orange, grapes, Guava, Papaya, Strawberry, Lemon, Mango, Potato, Tomato and other citrus fruits) are having ability to increase absorption of iron. this leads to increased amount of the iron.
  • Jaggery made from traditional sugar cane, in regular diet will end with no iron deficiency and also resolve the anemia problem.
  • Daily drinking apple and the tomato juice can help to increase iron number in the body.
  • Drinking a glass of water with honey will help us to reduce the risk of the deficiency of the iron.
  • Dried fruits like Almond Nut, Cashew nut, Chestnut, Currant, Dates Dried, Pistachio Nut,  raisins and fig are good source of iron, this should be taken daily.
  • Beetroot is power pack of iron, if you are having deficiency of iron than you should drink juice, salad or juice.

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