Vitamin D Vegan Food Source

Vitamin D is mainly known for it’s crucial role in maintaining levels of calcium for bone health, We have underestimated Vitamin D’s significant role for our overall wellbeing and health. As potential grave consequences, We’re facing an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency.

According to the Medical science, an average adult person needs 600 International Unit of vitamin D in their daily life.The deficiency of this vitamin can also be done by sitting in the sun. Apart from this, there are some foods that contain enough vitamin D.

Melanin is a responsible for our skin tone. The fairer your skin, the more easily you can make Vitamin D. But how much vitamin D our body can produce? The cholesterol of the skin converts melanin into required Vitamin D. Hence it is recommend getting about 10-15 minutes daily of direct sunlight without any sunscreen lotion.

Why is Vitamin D necessary?

The main work of vitamin D is absorbance of calcium. The body can not absorb calcium because of vitamin D’s deficiency. This may leads to weakening of the bones and increases the problem of joint pain.

Top Vitamin D Vegan Sources


The power of mushrooms will leave you stunned. You’ll be able to embody them in your diet two – fourfold per week and watch your D levels increase. They’ll be cooked, baked or pan deep-fried and became a tasty and healthy delight. Furthermore you’ll be able to combine Mushroom in salad or combine them with vegetable. So as to reap a lot of advantages. You can sun dry them before consumption. Mushrooms will naturally turn out vitamin D once exposed to daylight. 100gm have 450 IU of D.


Paneer is mostly liked by all age group. Even it is very easy to prepare and digest including richest source of different healthy nutrients. It is high protein food considered as best food for the body building. Generally it is eaten on daily basis by the vegetarian people to fulfill their protein need of the body.  Apart from that it is also good source of the Vitamin. 100gm Paneer have 157 IU  Vitamin D. Paneer can be taken in raw or fry with less oil or by grilling it.


Almost everyone has heard that milk is good for the bones, and that is because milk is one of the primary sources of all vitamins. Milk is good for the bone health because it is a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. Cow’s milk is fortified with vitamin D, which also benefits bone health. 250ml of milk have 130 IU of Vitamin D. It is advised to take the milk with dry fruits that increase the nutrition value and also provide carbohydrate.

Orange Juice

Orange is one of the best source of vitamin D among fruits. A glass full of fresh orange juice is the best way to start your day. You can have packaged juices if fresh fruits are not available but its vice advise to have the fresh juice. This is perfect solution for those who dislike dairy products. Packaged orange juice is equipped with good amounts of vitamin D. One cup of orange juice contains 100 IU vitamin D and 120 calories. Drink it with out Sugar as it may not give the appropriate results.


You will be not able to find person who doesn’t love cheese! Cheese can provide more satisfaction than any other food. Another reason to enjoy it that cheese is among the top 5 foods high on Vitamin D. SO, putting  an extra layer of cheese on that morning slice of bread / toast may be a healthy idea after all. Ricotta cheese have the maximum amount of Vitamin D among others. 100gm  of cheese have 110 IU of Vitamin D.


Yogurt / Curd

Having a cup of Yogurt/Curd  daily could be a best choice for people who like the vegetarian option for vitamin D. Yogurt is good for your taste buds in addition for health. Every serving of yogurt is thought to contain 100-115 IU of vitamin D that’s substantial quantity. Opt for a brand that’s fortified with vitamin D to induce 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin D.  You may have Curd with salt or coriander powder. Do not use sugar for good diet set up.


Good news for all the butter lovers! Whereas it’s usually frowned upon by dieters, this ‘fatty’ food is thought to contain alittle quantity of vitamin D. Butter is saturated fat, and it’s essential to help the absorption of antioxidants and vitamins by the body. It conjointly assists within the absorption of vitamin D obtained from alternative sources. Always keep in mind that amount is that the key. Don’t go overboard with butter. Once consumed carefully, it will truly be a healthy addition to your diet. 150gm of butter have 60 IU of Vitamin D. You’ll have it along with the Dal or Vegetables, unfold on bread.

non-Vegan Food with vitamin D

Cod liver Oil

Cod liver oil has been a well-liked supplement for several years and is very wealthy in vitamin D, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. intense this oil frequently can promote healthy and powerful bones, forestall osteoporosis in adults, and improve brain activity. 1 Tbsp of Cod Liver Oil have 1360 IU of vitamin D. Have one spoon of oil or capsule or perhaps injection is additionally a possibility.


All kinds of fish are terribly high with vitamin D. usually oily or fatty fish contain a lot of vitamin D than less oily fish. an example of oily fish would be a juicy thick fillet of salmon or Tuna. alternative common choices are trout, mackerel, tuna or eel. 100gm of Fish might have 759 IU of vitamin D. you’ll be able to grill or bake them and eat.


Egg yolk is back modish and now it’s here to stay. Since the vitamin D in an egg comes from its yolk, it’s vital to use the complete egg–not simply the whites. therefore bid farewell to the egg white craze and cherish the foremost nutritive a part of the egg. one piece of egg have 41 IU of vitamin D. you’ll eat them by boiling it or make half fry omelette.

This all Item are helping you to increase vitamin D in your body!

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Vitamin D Vegan Food Source
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Vitamin D Vegan Food Source
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