What are Best food street in India

People of all age are having interest in eating and drinking. Due to this all city are having Hotels and Re to fulfill their taste and also known for taste. If we talk about Delhi or Mumbai, there are some streets where the special aroma is mouth-watering, let us know about some of the places which are Best food street in India

Khau Galli, Ghatkopar, Mumbai


There are many food street in Mumbai but Ghatkopar’s this street is best among this all. You can have Panipuri, Sandwich, Masala Cold drinks, Pav Bhaji and Tikka here. More over you can have many variety of dosa. Best of them are Thousand Island Dosa, Cheese Burst Dosa and the best one among all Ice-cream Dosa.

Johnson’s Market, Bangalore


If you are visiting Bangalore than you must visit this place. This is best place for the Non-Veg Lovers. Sulemani Tea, Harira, Coconut and Fruit Nan are only found at this place. If you are Kabab Lover than no other place is better than this.

Bhukkad Gali, Ahmedabad


In this street the food is available from 6pm till late night. Here you can have Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Spanish and Lebanon Food in Indian style.One slice pizza, Tandoori momos, Fajita Rice and Falafel are famous.

Paranthewali Gali, Delhi


This is world famous place for the street food. Here you can have 35 different variety of parantha which are made in pan instead of the Griddle. you can made of paratha made of Potato, Cabbage, Pea, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Mix Veg, Paneer with deshi Ghee. With this paratha you can have Potato Sabzi, Chutney of Banana, Lassi and salad. you can enjoy this pratha from 40-60 INR so its in budget.

Kachori Gali, Varanasi


Name is describing itself that this place is have so yummy tasty street food. The Kachaudi gali (Kachori Gali) is one of Varanasi’s famous landmarks , sought after for the hot Kachodis, an Indian fried stuffed snack. Located a little further away from the Vishwanath temple, is the Kachodi Galli, dotted with shops frying kachodis early in the morning. Here you can have famous Kashi’s Kachori with chana and imli chutney and the Jalebis.

Chatori Gali, Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh


Chatori Gali is one of the best place to visit in Bhopal. If you love non-vegetarian street food and are an adventurous eater, Chatori Gali will be your next destination. This gali is full of Tiny shops who are offering fish & meat dishes with strong & rustic flavors & taste

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