Why Farmers are poor in India


In India we are having spiritual belief that we pray to the Goddess called ANNAPURNA. We use to believe that, we should respect the food in all conditions and we should not waste or throw it, its the most valuable resource on earth as we can not survive without the food. I always wonder, god is not giving the food directly to us. but the farmers are growing with their hard work,that is the reason why they are called as the father of the world? but do you really know Why Farmers are poor in India?

We can live without the cigarettes but its manufacturer are billionaires. We can live without liquor but its manufacturer are also billionaires but we can not live without the food and the farmers are poor in India? Why Farmers are poor in India.

Here are the reasons Why the farmers are poor in India

Our Society and Our Belief

The top most reason for that is we as society respect the The doctors whom we need just when we are ill or no feeling well, We respect the engineers who are suddenly needed, but we do not respect the Farmers who give us the food, which is our daily need and essential part of our life. Every one wish the rise in there income and salary but no one wants to buy the food at the rate that a farmers deserves. We can eat pizza for thousands but we can not buy vegetables for 100 ruppys. While buying such grains, vegetables or fruits we forget completely, that the farmer has done hard work he has given time in planting, growing and cultivating that plant. The farmers work most hard part of all work as they are growing the plants or the crop as their children. all crop need lots of attention, care, time to time grass removal, Watering, Pesticides. So the biggest reason why Farmers are poor in India,are we and our society.




Well the farmers are helpless with this, but now days there are many dams over the rivers and that water are stored and pass to the farms using the canal network. so this is not a major issue if the government and the district level officers are taking care of it. The drought is main reason why the farmers are committing suicide in central India’s state like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradseh.  this drought is leaving huge impact on the soil. Drought adversely affects the recharge of soil moisture, surface runoff and ground water table. Rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs tend to dry up wells and tube-wells are not  serviceable due to lowering of the ground water table.

Indian agriculture is still largely depends on monsoon rainfall. About two-thirds of the arable land are lack of irrigation facilities and is termed as rainfed. This affects  agricultural production in drought years.

Due to shortage of food-grains the country have to import food-grains to save the poor people from hunger and starvation. India is building a support load of food–grains and danger from dry seasons is not as genuine as it used to be before the Green Revolution.

Genetically Modified Crops


The above Image is a Genetically modified rice that has been approved by the European Union. There are  32 genetically modified crops are presently being researched across 111 government and 50 private institutes, and already 14 have entered the trial stage. We may be flooded with GM foods with unknown health risks unless the government ensures otherwise.

But the farmers of different country are keep opposing this genetically modified crops as they might be harmful to the humans and even many country like France, Belgium its prohibited. And this is one of the biggest reason that this crops are not trustworthy even not able to gain the trust of the farmers.

Economic Policy

India is having second rank in worldwide in farm output.  Agriculture, forestry, logging and fishing  are giving  17% of the GDP and providing employed 52% of the total workforce in 2015.   As the Indian economy has diversified and grown, agriculture’s contribution to GDP has steadily declined from 1951 to 2011, yet it is still the largest employment source and a significant piece of the overall socio-economic development of India. Crop yield per unit of all crops has grown since early independence time, due to the special emphasis placed on agriculture in the five-year plans (Panchvarshiya Yojana Ayog) and steady improvements in irrigation, technology, application of modern agricultural practices and provision of agricultural credit and subsidies since the Green Revolution in India.  The states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab,  Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana,  Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra are big contributors to Indian agriculture.

But still there are no commission made for the making the farmers life better, as the farmers are not gain enough money, Hence they sell their land and move to the city or metro, they change there profession as they find a steady income. they are willing to do labor work but not accept the agriculture as their profession.


One reason can be the education. they are not aware about the requirement in the market. as the thumb rule of market is demand and supply they should aware about the market need. The are not able to sell the end product on the time and even not having the personal storage facility. They are having less knowledge about the economics and the new technologies and training.

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