Where to Eat, Live and Shop in Delhi


Delhi is one of the most visited places in our country. Each year thousands of visitors or tourists visit Delhi for the amazing architectural wonders the city has. Along with that sight-seeing, there are many other things this place has to offer. One of the most frequently visited places in Delhi are the markets. There are so many different markets like Greater Kailash to choose from. You can visit these places to eat, live and shop. Just roaming around in these streets of the markets will be a very fulfilling experience. You can find some of the most amazing things in these markets.

Things to do in the Market

Apart from eating different delicacies in the wonderful street shops, you can go and do a lot of shopping. There are many different shops who offer thousands of different types of apparel. These apparel come from all over India and are an amalgamation of tradition and modern designs. Many tourists flock down to Delhi to pick up traditional wear. There are many shops and boutiques lining both sides of the streets. You can pick up apparels and accessories and many more things from these shops.

What can you shop for in these markets?

If you want to pick up something a bit traditional or Indian then these are the shops to be. They have a wonderful collection of the most stunning sarees. If you are looking for saris from anywhere in India, you will probably get them here. This place has some of the most amazing collection of sarees in the whole of India. You will also find many different types of lehengas. These lehengas are a wonderful combination of comfort and style. You will even get customized apparel in many of the designer stores in the markets.

If you want to pick up some western wear, then again these shops in the markets like Greater Kailash is the place to go. You will find beautifully made shirts, t-shirts, trousers, and jeans. These all follow the latest trend, and you will see a lot of fusion designs in these as well.

These shops also have some of the most delicious foods on offer. You can visit these shops to treat yourself to some of the most tasty and amazing food. You will be surprised to know that many of the top restaurants are owned by famous chefs who have won national awards. Apart from these restaurants there are many shops that are dedicated to street food. Street food is very popular in Delhi. If you want to try out different types of Indian foods then it is best you just walk around the streets of Delhi trying the different food available there.

There are many areas that are dedicated to a particular type of food. If you are having a specific craving then you can visit these areas to satisfy all your cravings. Delhi is one of the most amazing cities to visit in India. You will surprised at how beautiful it is.

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